Question ACER XF270H monitor keeps flickering black.

Nov 28, 2019
My brand new ACER monitor flickers black from time to time. It didn't do it at all for the first 2-3 days I owned the monitor. At first it only happened once or twice on the 4th day. Day 5 and 6 the problem got really bad. It will flicker off for 2 seconds at least once every 10 minutes, but sometimes it'll happen every 10 seconds. I've done the following so far:

Checked the GPU by plugging in other monitors. Other monitors work fine for extended periods of time.
I've made sure the cables are secured properly. No issues there.
I've uninstalled and reinstalled the graphic drivers at least a half dozen times.
I've tried adjusting every setting I could think of to see if something would stop this, including tuning down from 144hz to 120hz.
I've made sure my monitor drivers are all up to date.
I've made sure my gpu drivers are up to date.
I've made sure all my windows updates are up to date.
I've rolled back my graphic drivers to previous versions. Still having the same problem.
I've tried plugging into a different DP port. Only thing I haven't tried is plugging in HDMI. If HDMI is the only thing that'll work I'm just going to return the monitor.

I've got an MSI RTX 2070 and an intel i7 9700k on an Asrock z390 phantom gaming 4.

After owning the monitor for over a week I tried setting a custom screen resolution with a "CVT reduced blank" timing standard per a recommendation from someone online. This fixed the issue for an entire week before the monitor started going black again.

I ended up returning the monitor and picked up another of the same model from Best Buy and the same issue started up in the exact same time frame. After two days the flickering started again. Does anyone have any idea what's going on?

EDIT: I should mention this is a freesync monitor that Nvidia says works with Gsync. I have tried turning off Gsync to see if this makes any difference but it does not.