Question Acetone free nail polish remover?

Agera One

Apr 11, 2014
Hi guys,

People do not recommend using nail polish remover for cleaning thermal paste because acetone can harm the hardware, but in my place I can get the acetone free nail polish easily and cheaper than iso-propyl alcohol. So, have anybody ever used/is it okay to use "acetone-free" nail polish remover? I wonder what replaced the acetone in it and that might still harm the hardware?


Most of the time it's not the possible damage caused by the 'remover' which can include removal of the intel/amd serial codes which identify the cpu (that's a serious warranty void move), but the residue left by many cleaners can be oily or greasy or heat activated after paste is applied, and with paste only being a fraction of a mm thick, can ruin/displace/bubble the paste. Not to mention any adverse reactions if the chemical has affects on the substrates used like the silver in Arctic Silver 5 etc.

Isopropyl is used because it's affective and cheap and residue free, the higher concentrations having better results faster and with less water dilution.

You can get rubbing alcohol just about anywhere on the globe, cheap.
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Rubbing alcohol (as you can get in pharmacies) is also not recommended as it has water and .
other chemicals as well as scents that can also leave residue, it's just based on iso-propyl alcohol but it 's at much lower %.
Nail polish remover/thinner is acetone based if not even 100% acetone, there's no residue left and is very good solvent. Will do no harm to metal but can dissolve plastic and insulation so it should be used very carefully.
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