ACPI_BIOS_ERROR - Maximus Hero VII -- SATA not showing WD HD

A Hassan

Apr 2, 2015

I built a new computer with the Maximus Hero VII, intel core i5, 8gb of ram, gtx960sc, and a 1tb WD hard drive.

The computer boots up fine into bios, bios under SATA shows my dvd player, but it does not list the WD HD; however, it does show the disk volume under boot priority just not under SATA settings for IDE, RAID, or ACHI.

I have already gone the diskpart route and created partitions and formatted those partitions.

I have also performed a CMOS reset to no avail.

I have taken the WD HD and put it into an old PC and installed windows 8 on it and then taken that same HD and put it back into the Hero VII only to get a 'repair' error but never boot to the desktop.

I am at my witts end having now spend about 4 hours each day for the past five days twiddling with this.

I finally updated the bios to 2012 -- and still no change.

Is my HD faulty? Is the MOBO faulty? Please help...

Welcome to the community, A Hassan!

I'm so sorry to hear about your WD drive and your struggle with it! :(
I'd recommend testing it using WD's Data LifeGuard Diagnostics tool, this way we'll be able to rule out one component possibly causing your headaches. If you can boot into Windows to test the drive, here's a link to the software:
However, from what I've gathered, you cannot do that, so I'd suggest you to use the DOS version of the utility which will let you test the drive without booting into an OS. Here's a link to it:
Make sure you pass the quick and the extended test. This will let us know what's the overall health and SMART status of the WD drive.

Keep me posted with the results!