Action Center and Win32/Small.CA virus


Nov 25, 2012
Hi hi all and thanks in advance for taking the time to read this. I hope I can get some help with this as well as help persons who also need help with this.

So yesterday I restarted my computer, relogged and got a message from Action Center saying " Remove the Win32/Small.CA virus ". Now it offered no solution, it just gave me a link to "learn more about it" and took me to a Microsoft page which told me to use a program called Microsoft Safety Scanner.

Before using it I ran a Live Update for my AV (Norton 360) then did a Full System scan, detected nothing, I then restarted my computer into Safe mode and ran another Full system scan.

I should mention that whilst I was in Normal mode doing a Full Scan I was reading about this virus and how Antiviruses do not detect it and much less can't remove it so I decided fine, I'll check out the Manual removal I keep seeing mentioned. So here's the thing; majority of the guides say to stop the Win32/Small.CA processes in Task Manager and that it is called " random.exe " I saw no such process, I saw some say, stop the Win32/Small.CA related processes, but how am I suppose to know those?

I checked Task Manager in Normal and Safe mode, just my processes and All Users processes, and got nothing. Some guides said go to Control Panel and look for Win32/Small.CA in the Programs and Features and remove it there, I saw nothing. I even showed all hidden folders and files, even the important ones that should always remain hidden, nothing. I even went into my Registry to find the file in the Run folder but still, nada.

So my question is, does this mean I don't have Win32/Small.CA on my system, or am I missing something?

Ah yes, Action Center automatically archived the message. So I dunno what that's about either.