Question Activating Integrated GPU on CPU (i7-6700k), (+ using 144 Hz, 60 Hz dual monitor)

Jun 5, 2020
Hello guys, I have a question about using IGP at the same time using external GPU.

I know there are already a lot of threads dealing with this issue.
However, I think my case is a little bit deeper than usual.

I am using 2 monitors. One has 60hz refresh rate and the other has 144hz.
While I was playing games, there was a glitch(?).

I put a game screen on the 144 Hz monitor and put a youtube screen with chrome on the 60hz monitor.
I expected the game shows 144hz RR(refresh rate) and youtube video shows 60hz as it is meant to be.

However, the game screen on the 144hz monitor wasn't acting like it is 144hz.
Rather than that, it looked like 60hz as same as on the 60hz monitor.

I googled the issue and found out that it is a known issue, and there is no fix.


Under this situation, I had an idea.
"how about using different GPUs for each monitor?"
"on the monitor 144hz, using external GPU(connected to PCI express),
and on the 60hz monitor, GPU integrated in the CPU
so each GPU can take charge in each monitor to prevent forceful synchronization."

However, I don't know if it works or not.
Also, I don't know the program would follow my intention since I have no idea how they work.

So... Can I ask if my plan would work or not?

My system spec is as below:

Windows10 1909
i7 6700k
z170 Asrock MB
GTX 1080 Zotec
144hz monitor (DVI, HDMI, DP)
60hz monitor (HDMI)
Jun 5, 2020
Yes, you can enable integrated GPU.
To do this, go into BIOS and turn on multi-monitor feature.
After this is done, connect your second monitor to video output on motherboard.

Will this prevent "forceful synchronization"?
Not so sure. But try it and report your results.
There has been an issue while using dual monitors have different refresh rates, one has a higher refresh rate forcefully synchronized to the lower refresh rate monitor.

For example, if I play League on the 144hz monitor with full-screen mode, and play youtube on the 60 Hz monitor, the game frame would not be damaged, however, the refresh rate on the 144hz monitor will turn into 60 hz monitor though the setting doesn't show that it is fixed to 60hz.

It happens because the Windows system demands GPU acceleration for showing us a 'good looking windows'.
However, as a result, that function makes both monitors will have the same refresh rate.

So, I want to solve the problem by using different GPUs on each monitor and each program.
If there is no information or ppl that already did this experiment, I will do that and post the result.
so ppl can solve this problem.

Thank you.