Activation Locks on iPads

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Jul 19, 2016
Hi guys,

Bit of an issue with an old iPad. My brother has had one lying around from when he was in school, it has somehow went into activation lock, none of us seem to recognize the Apple ID that's required to unlock it. Apple themselves are asking for proof of purchase etc and obviously because my brother got it from the school nearly 8/9 years ago, we don't have that so naturally, they are no help.

The iPad itself is linked to my Apple ID but because my Apple ID wasn't the one that set the iPad up, I can't unlock it.
These security systems are all well and good, but god in these situations they are just a pain in the a**.

As far as I can see, jailbreaking seems to be my only option here?? I have no idea how to do it, and from what I googled, everything looks shady as f**k.

Has anyone got any other ideas or am I stuck with a shady jailbreak??

Thanks in advance,


Unfortunately we cannot help you bypass any security features.
Contact the school he got it from (is he even supposed to have it? Or was it supposed to be returned?), see if they can provide any activation information.
Otherwise, you will have to hash this out between you, apple, and the purchase location.
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