Question Active Signal Resolution changes after changing the VGA cable?

Sep 29, 2020
Recently I bought a new VGA cable for my monitor to replace the one which I had been using for 4-5 years.
So, when I plugged the new VGA cable, the display looked blurry and after some research I found out that the active resolution was automatically changed to 1920x1080 and my monitor's optimal resolution as well as my Display resolution is 1600x900
I tried all the solutions
  1. Going to the Display adapter settings --> List All Modules and selecting the optimal resolution.
  2. Updating the graphics driver.
  3. Reinstalling the drivers
But still it didn't fixed the issue.
And even when I've kept my resolution to 1600x900 , I am getting blurry display and the active signal resolution stays in 1920x1080

However, when I keep it to 1440x900 the active resolution matches Display resolution.

And when I connect my old VGA back, the Display resolution & Active Signal Resolution matches (1600x900).

Do u guys know any fix for this?

Thanks in advance.
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