Ad Slowdown/CPU Usage


Apr 8, 2004
I am recently having a problem with animated ads. Whenever a animated ad pops up my CPU usage is at 30-90%. Mouse movement becomes very choppy. I tried using AdAware and reinstalling my video drivers but it didn't help. I scaned for viruses. I ran UT2004 and it plays fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated?


Aug 20, 2004
I recently had the same problem you are having. I hit cntrl+alt+del and first checked the processes. I noticed that there was a process eating up 16mb of memory and had no idea what it was. The process was lcza.exe. I searched for the process on google and nothing. Finally I found a forum that said this was a nasty ad process. Ad aware would not pick this up for the life of me, well finally today I updated adaware and there it was, it brought up the process as being adware related and no more problem, so just make sure you are updating adaware before every use. And check all the processes your computer has running and start a process of elimination. It took about a week for adaware to come up with an update for my problem.

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