Adaptec 1505A ISA SCSI & WinXP


Dec 31, 2007
I'm not sure, but I think my scanner (UMAX Vista Scan 610S) got fried by a lightening strike. WinXPPro can see my Adaptec 2906 PCI SCSI card and says all is well in the world. A friend lent me an old Adaptec 1505A ISA SCSI card to see if it's PCI card or the Scanner. Two questions:
First, is it worth my bother to even install the 1505A to see if a 12 year old scanner even works?
Second, if so, will the 1505A run under WinXPPro? Neither Adpatec nor Microsoft can answer this question.
Thank you.

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While I've had great success with many PNP ISA cards under XP, I've had nearly endless problems with ISA SCSI cards under XP.

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