Adata 2.5" Hard drive


Dec 24, 2010
I just got in present a Adata 500Gb 2.5" External Hard drive.
Wich is want to connect with my old comp an Windows Mellenium Edition computer.

But when i insert the hard drive i get no Update or any reaction on the comp. The hard drive flashes blue and got connecting.

How i solve this? And i got no Internet to download anything. and no recovery disk.. "/

Will love help! :)

// Xk
Unfortunately, you might be out of luck. Any version of 9x is extremely problematic, as manufacturers don't make drivers for them... except for some rare instances. I think your problem might be the fact that your computer has some sort of BIOS limit preventing it from reading partitions larger than 80 or 127GB. Basically if you want the shiny new drive to work on the ancient computer / OS, you'll need internet to download updates.