[SOLVED] Adata 240gb SU650 Temperature Question?

No problem, glad I could help.

It may be apt to check other component temperatures and just make sure you don't have an airflow problem regardless, ultimately if you CAN cool it more, do so, but if you can't, contact the seller if it starts going above 70 degrees - a cooler SSD is a happier SSD in the longrun!
Here is a review which reports temperatures of 65C:


There is no discrete temperature sensor IC on the PCB, so this would mean that the sensor is on the controller's die (Maxio MAS09024). This in turn means that the reported temperature does not reflect the temperature of the air (as in Samsung's SSDs), but the operating temperature of the controller chip. Personally, I would attach a small heatsink to this chip, but you would need to consider your warranty if you decide to do this.