Question Adata XPG SPECTRIX S40G slow performance on W10


Jun 30, 2013
Bought a XPG SPECTRIX S40G RGB PCIe Gen3x4 M.2 2280 Solid State Drive 512gb.
PC Specs:
Gigabyte Aorus H370 WiFi
Intel Core i5 8400
Adata SSD
W10 pro 1909.18363.719

The problem is when i use the m2SSD as a main drive, made a 60GB partition for the OS and install it, the first time I installed it it took 45minutes, try to install the rest of the drivers but w10 was practically unusuable, took 10 minutes to open chrome.

1.First thing i did to solve the problem was to install newer bios and the firmware update from the adata xpg , then reinstalled windows 10.

The second time i reinstalled W10 after the updates went really fast, installed the whole OS in 15 minutes, and installed the newer nvidia drivers, then i started copying my steam folder from my previous SSD to the 2nd partition and then everything started running slow again, even turning it off and on took long times, and when the system was "off", the screen turn off, but the hdd led kept working.

2. The second solution was to disable all other SATA drives and that helped a little, but sometimes when using the M2 it then gets slow again.

3. The third solution was to update the storage controllers and downloaded the intel SSD pro 7600 series. It helped a little.

So I used the Pc with just the M2 as a main drive, downloaded CPUID HWmonitor and noticed that it reaches temperatures of 88ºC, which is a lot because average temps is 40º-70º C and my previos Sata SSD reaches at most 50º. It gets hotter when in usage, for example copying some files, and installing games. So far it still gets slow sometimes and i don't feel a better performance.

4. Ran the windows HDD maintenance tools, defrag and check for damage sectors, nothing is wrong.

I've searched for 2 days so far and nobody reports problems with M2, or are solved with the drivers update or the firmware update.

I'm thinking to ask for warranty since all of the webpages state that for cooling problems you add a cooler for a m2, the s40g includes a heat diffusser and my cooling solutions on my pc are right, nothing gets really hot. Also nobody reports problems with any type of m2SSD