Question Adata XPG SX8200 Pro 1tb lower than expected speeds ?

Dec 6, 2020
Can anyone tell me why my drive is performing lower than the advertised 3500/3000? Also at 512KB, why does the speed drop?

Even with the bait and switch, I think I should be seeing faster speeds.

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It is currently PCIe 3.0 x4. I test it in both m.2 slots and saw no difference.

The PC is a ryzen 2700x and Asus hero x470.

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any help would be appreciated


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Make sure your motherboard is on the latest BISO update then make sure that you're on the latest OS version. Then see if the SSD you have is pending a firmware update. Try the test with another app like CrystalDisk. Often times, parts are changed after they are sent out to the reviewers so the reviewers can give said SSD a good review but at the same time, you need to understand that the max speeds are all stated to be up to which means that there can be certain factors that can cause that number to be below that number.
Dec 6, 2020
Thank you for your fast reply. And the welcome!

currently on the latest BIOS and version of windows 10. As far as I can tell Adata does not offer any firmware updates.

Crystal disk shows a max 3000 MB/S read and 2400MB/s write.

The controller is the 'ENG' version which I believe is the old faster type. regardless should my write speed not be a little higher?

I should add I have 2 of these drives and both are performing roughly the same in either m.2 slot. I have tested them with only one installed at a time.

So either they are running as intended or my PC is partially bottlenecking them? Are there any real world factors I can influence to get better performance?


Jul 24, 2016
I've just found out that copying 6GB file in Windows or respectively Total Commander is 650MB respectively 250MB per sec. I'm copying from one Adata 8200 PRO nVME to another. One is in the x2 slot and the other is in the x4 slot. Crystal Mark shows normal r/w values (approx 1700MB x2 slot hdd / 3000MB x4 slot hdd per sec). How is this possible? Also I've seen many people here and elsewhere on the internet reporting this over time. I've checked Bios, there is really not much (nothing at all tbh) nVME related except AHCI / UEFI switch. I've mine on AHCI.
Ok the problem by me has been due to a game in the background and 10-15 mozilla tabs. I mean, ok I understand I should test with a clean slate. But a game in the menu and in the Win background and 4-8x less r/w speed? And also why had the benchmark reached a maximum (with the game running), and just the copying was affected? Omigosh.
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