Question ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro 4TB coming?


Fairly unlikely as the controller is set up for 32 CE (dies) which with 512Gb TLC is 32 * 64 = 2048GiB. You can CE double as on the Rocket 4TB but it's not ideal, and the E12 on the Rocket has more horsepower than the SM2262EN (even then, it can throttle). While some 1Tb TLC is on the horizon, even Hynix's new 128L on the P31 - which is supposed to be 1Tb - is only 512Gb. You're more likely to see it with QLC which doesn't really mesh with the SM2262EN very well (it's fine on the SM2263, but then you're best off with just 16 dies).

Translation: you will want to wait until the next gen SMI controllers, the SM2264 or SM2267, before looking for a 4TB solution that shares performance characteristics with the SX8200 Pro. For ADATA this will be the XPG Indigo and XPG Pearl as announced at CES 2020, the Indigo being the 8-channel solution.