Question Add a subwoofer to 2.0 speakers ?

Oct 23, 2022
Hi, I have recently bought Creative T60 speakers and I was wondering if I could connect an external subwoofer either to my laptop or to the speakers some way using an adapter or a usb amp or something. This is because although my speakers sound really good, they lack in bass. I don't want to return them because I got them for a good price and I don't know any speakers that sound better for the same price (I bought them for £50). I love the clear and detailed sound of these speakers and don't want to give that up for more bass from a much lower quality system. I don't really care if the subwoofer is fancy, as long as it is not expensive, I just really want some thump. I also wonder if there are any small usb/aux subwoofers that would work with this system. I appreciate any help, thanks
Unfortunately those speakers only have a headphone out, the aux jack is an analog input so connecting a sub would be pretty difficult since they act as their own sound card. Those are quite nice speakers BTW and look great for online meetings and chat... Maybe pick up a cheap set like the Z313 for some boom in movies / games so you can switch between standard use/telephony and entertainment?