Question Add AP, router has MAC filtering on


Dec 6, 2019
I have the current setup:
modem > router > devices

What I'd like to accomplish
modem > router > AP > devices

What seems to be giving me the complication is that I have MAC filtering turned on (filter applies to LAN and Wifi), and I cannot seem to find an answer that specifically addresses adding an AP while MAC filtering is enabled. Can someone please give me a bit of guidance?

I've tried the basic setup steps found everywhere online, but the router won't see the AP (however, wifi devices can see the AP). I tried assigning the AP an IP using it's MAC and that didn't do any good. I've tried two models of AP, one has the ability to be a network extender or a subnetwork - I got the subnetwork option to work ONCE but it caused my connection speed on the primary router to drag to dialup speeds (which I read as a common problem with that model of AP in user-reviews). I put everything back to where I'd started and couldn't get that AP model to work again....

The other basic AP can be seen by wireless devices, but the router won't recognize the AP. I've connected via LAN and also tried to connect it via Wifi- router wouldn't recognize it either way. I also tried assigning a static IP to this AP, and that didn't work either.

The models are:
Router: D-Link DGL-4500


Turn off MAC filtering, it really provides no protection from anyone that really wants to get on your network. I could spoof your MAC addresses in a few minutes using widely available free tools, wireshark for example.

Also turn off WPS if you already have not, as it allows a side door attack that takes only minutes.
The security in wifi is the password mostly. Although it is hard to change the mac address in many phones on a pc it can be as trivial as typing in the mac on some wifi nic cards. The mac filtering if you would want to do it is on the AP. I have not seen consumer routers that can filter mac on the ethernet ports.

Pretty much consumer equipment assumes your house is secure and if you give someone the password you can trust them.

If you want actual wifi security you use use a radius server and enterprise mode. Some people have used a raspberry pi for a very simple one and most consumer routers you can run enterprise mode on the radios. Every person has their own ID and password so it tends to be secure.