Add cable to my pc power supply forum


Apr 16, 2010
Hello,in my PC power supply there is only five output cable and all of them are in use and i need additional cable because i want to customized my PC with lights...etc
i don't know if there is other solution to this problem instead of purchasing another power supply which is very costly can you please help me

+1 what jsc said.

Without information about your power supply and you system components it is impossible to offer a valid recommendation. You mentioned that your power supply only has 5 power cables and they are all being used. If one cable is the 20 or 24 pin cable that is connected to the motherboard, one cable is a 4 pin power cable also connected to the motherboard, and there are only three remaining power cables for peripherals, then that suggests you "might" have a low power, low wattage power supply.