Nov 26, 2006
I over clocked my Q6600 last year to 2.8 Gigs and i also remeber changing the memory timing a bit. I am at work right now so i can get the exact details of the OC but when I get home I can get them. I just bought 2 more GiGs of RAM for my machine and i was wondering what I need to do to add them. Do I need to downclock to the factory settings and then add the sticks or can i just pop them right in?
The Ram I am add is the exact same as the Ram I have now so I hope there wont be any compatability issues.
This is my firt OC so as much detail as posable please.


Nov 12, 2007
im pretty sure that all sticks will run at the timings you had set. The thing you will need to check is the memory voltage; start it at the stock voltage or what it's supposed to run at. By default, my memory was running at a voltage lower than what they were supposed to run at 1.8 vs 2.0 but I wasnt getting any instability so left it alone. When I added my second two sticks I upped it to 2.0 v. Run Memtest 86+ and see if you get any errors. Depending on how much you changed timings/speed, you'll need to adjust voltage in VERY small increments.