Question Added 2x8 RAM, now mobo shows DRAM yellow light and no display


Nov 17, 2015
Hey guys. Had my PC for 1.5 years now with no issue (mobo is AsusROG STRIX Z 390 E) . I had 16gb of RAM before (G.Skill DDR4 3200>. Today I went to pick up 2 more 2x8 GB RAM (Ripjaws Fury DDR4 3200) for a 32 GB uograde.

I put the new ones in and they clicked fine. But upon booting, everything lit up correctly but there was no display on monitor. The yellow DRAM light was lit on mobo and the PC shut down after few seconds and restarted. I thought this was normal but then it booted up and it is still the same. Yellow DRAM and no display.

I did not touch any other component and since everything worked last night I don't think it is something else. The PC boots up just fine if I take out the new ram and just stick with my original RAM, however now the white VGA light stays lit on .

Any idea what's going on? Thanks a lot for your help!
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Incompatible ram obviously.

Here is what Gskill says is compatible with your motherboard. Whether it will be compatible with your current ram sticks is unknown, even if you have the exact same ram, which is why its recommended to buy a kit in the size you want and sell your current ram.