Added a 3rd 1080 monitor, suddenly videos are stuttering, low GPU usage

Rykuu Disaga

May 17, 2014
So I just bought a 3rd monitor that is 1920x1080 using HDMI. I am also using a primary monitor that is 2560x1440 using DP, and a secondary monitor that is 1280x1024 using DVI to VGA. Driving this setup is a pair of 1070ti in SLI (one is FTW, other is something else, but both by EVGA. They are different because my 980ti SLI Setup died and they sent these instead.).

When I plugged the monitor in, I suddenly started experiencing video stutter on Netflix and Amazon Videos. I disabled SLI, swapped the port the HDMI was in, reset the computer, changed the monitor that the video was playing on, and reinstalled the drivers, all to no avail. Upon unplugging the monitor from the HDMI port the issue immediately resolves itself. I would imagine that a single 1070 ti at the very least would be able to support running these three monitors with no background programs running and just watching a simple video, but even at lower video quality, the stuttering persists.

I'm monitoring my GPU load using Open Hardware Monitor, and neither unit is seeing loads over 10%. I haven't tried gaming yet, but this is still concerning.

I don't think there is any other part of the computer that is creating a bottleneck, as these are my specs.

CPU: 5960x
MoBo: Asus Rapage V Extreme
OS and primary programs are on an SSD
Gigabit internet plugged in directly

One thing I am noticing that I just checked while writing this, YouTube has no stuttering issues, even when the video is rendered at 4k, however when I watch the only paid for movie I have through Google on YouTube (Warcraft), that does stutter when all 3 monitors are plugged in.

So I'm currently at a loss. Basic YouTube content seems to run fine, but when I dare to run a video that is from Netflix, Amazon, Vudu, or a movie movie from YouTube, it stutters like a 3rd grader giving their first public speech. I'll ask around on other forums as well to see if anyone has a thought about what might be up, but hopefully I can get this resolved sooner than later

Update: Games work just fine with no stutter, from basic to taxing games. I tried a DDU in safe mode and reinstalled the latest drivers but no luck. Also, when unplugging the 1280x1024, stuttering decreases, but is not eliminated. Only common factor of what is affected is that they are movies/TV shows made by production companies.