Addendum : Sapphire Radeon HD 3650 AGP .. missing HD Audio .


Oct 21, 2011
follow-up to prior solved-discussion ...

Sapphire Tech-USA has replied and confirmed :
" ... No there is no audio chip build on to AGP cards ... ".

" ... card does not include the Realtek HD audio on-board processor - no HD audio output is available. This is due to the AGP bus - there is no way to expose this additional hardware to the system as a device, so it was omitted ... " ...

so it is definitely confirmed by
my experimentation,
knowledgeble posters,
esteemed reviewers and
most importantly, Sapphire Tech .. that
Sapphire Radeon HD AGP cards DO NOT have audio chips; hence no HD audio.

p.s. honorable mentions to the sapphire forum monitors at vgaforum . com
for guiding me in proper posting etiqutte. ... priceless.