emile 123

Sep 11, 2012
i hope someone could help me,
i just got hired for a job in a small office and they have 10 pcs running on xp,they want me to add 15 pcs and a server, and 2 laptops for 2 employees that have to access our network from there houses , is there any documentation on how to do that with a medium budget ? and also i have to add the licenses .. i have to buy all the equipment that is needed for the job,is there any site where i can take a look at the prices to write my report ?
If you have to ask this here, you may want to get a consultant to setup the network. It won't be pretty if you try it yourself. Even if the connections work, you will probably leave huge security holes.

Have you setup a domain before and VPN? Worked with ISPs for connectivity? User accounts and access rights? Do you even know how their network is setup now? Is it just a workgroup? If it is, you need to create a domain for this which is no easy task for a beginner, especially to do it on a real working office. Get someone local to come in and help.