Question Adding a device window immediately disappears upon clicking

Sep 10, 2019
I bought a new bluetooth adapter that has P&P with Windows 10 so installing it wasn't an issue, the issue comes after installing it and trying to register any new device either hangs the window or crashes settings all together (Printer & Scanner makes settings crash).

I've been struggling with this since 3PM of yesterday, I'm not very skilled with computers so unless I get advice here to mess with advanced settings I won't but I'm at wits end and any advice is more than welcome.

More in depth explanation below.

With Windows 10 you have a new built in "Add Bluetooth or other Devices" option in the settings menu, when I click this it does indeed bring up the "Add Device" window with the three separate options, clicking on any of these doesn't take me to the next screen, rather closes the window immediately. I've tried uninstalling the Bluetooth driver and using this option with no avail so it can't be the driver blocking this feature, and then we have the "Add a Printer or Scanner" option on where which I click it completely freezes settings for a few seconds and closes the entire set of windows linked to it.

Going to control panel, navigating to "Devices and Printers" to use either "Add Device" or "Add Printer" yields no results either, with each window almost instantaneously disappearing as I click the button for either option.
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I was wondering, even if the Bluetooth adapter you bought is plug-n-play, did you try to download and install (or update) its driver manually? If not yet, I would suggest you to do so.

Also, if you have access to a different computer, can you please try using the adapter with it?

If none of the above suggestions work, you may need to contact the seller and get the device replaced (assuming it's still new and/or is under warranty).

Hope this helps.