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Hi, I am trying to add a partition to my new hard drive to rectify the error I made in not partitioning it prior to installing Windows 2000. I have installed Partition Magic 6, but it doesn't seem to be recognizing my drive properly. It shows the new drive, but without showing any free space, therefore not allowing me to create a new partition. It recognizes the two partitions on my other drive just fine, but if I try any action on the new one, it gives me error #1527 "Bad update sequence number" I have run chkdsk /f but that doesn't help. Anyone have any thoughts? I really don't want to have to re-install to correct this. Thanks!


Feb 15, 2001
What disk mode are you in? Windows 2000 added new drive partitioning called "dynamic disks". To find out if your useing dynamic disks go to Computer Management and go down to Disk Management. In the lower right hand corder you should see 1 disk per line and the line devided up into partitions. Under disk 0 it might say Basic or Dynamic. If it's dynamic I'm not sure if partition magic will work with it properly. I know you can upgrade from basic to dynamic but I don't know if you can go backwards. This might be part of the problem (not sure though). Good luck!


Once in Dynamic always in dynamic, similar as once in NTFS always in NTFS (unless your format)

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