Question Adding an old laptop NVMe SDD to my new laptop ?

May 29, 2023
Hello, i need help cuz i know nothing about laptops. So I have a new gaming laptop which has 2 x M.2 slots, one is already occupied with a 1TB SSD and other is empty. In the reviews they said you can install another M.2 SSD in the empty slot, but im broke T_T.

So question is can I install the NVMe SSD from the old laptop (256gb) to my new gaming laptop ?
If "yes" than what problems could I face if I did that?
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You'll probably need to secure erase the drive before removing it from the Old Laptop before installing it into he new one to avoid the new laptop's Bios from detecting the drive as a foreign drive and blocking access to it. it may even prevent the laptop from booting up, depending on how the bios is set.