Question Adding an SSD to a HP x360 Stream 11-ag102tu

Feb 28, 2019
Hi I currently have a HP x360 stream 11-ag102tu. It's only storage is a 32gb emmc which I felt was pretty small so I checked if I could expand it. When I looked at the service manual I saw that there was room for a 2.5" sata drive which I confirmed by opening up the laptop. I bought the ZIF connector and caddy for the drive as well as a Samsung evo 860 500 gb sata SSD. I installed all the parts but the drive wasn't recognised in windows nor the bios. I thought the cable may be damaged so I bought a spare and got the same result. I thought that the port may be inactive but when I swapped the SSD for a western digital scorpio blue 500 gb I found it was powered and spun when plugged in. However it also didn't show up in the bios or windows like the SSD.

I also had a go at formatting the SSD and cloning the os from the emmc to it but it still wasn't recognised and therefore couldn't be booted to. When I checked device manager I found that no SATA controller was present even though the chipset of the laptop should support one. I also contacted HP and they told me that the laptop doesn't support a hard drive and that it was just a redundant port.

So I was just wondering if any other people have had problems like this? I have had laptops in the past and if there was a m.2 or sata port then you could just insert a hard drive and it would just instantly be recognised. Considering that the port is powered is it possible that HP could have deliberately disabled the SATA controller or the sata port on the board. I have also inserted a picture of the port below.


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