Question Adding case fans to FSP CMT340 case ?


Oct 16, 2016

I recently bought a computer with a CMT340 case.
A week passed, one of the case fans started making a lot of noise. Figured they were ARGB, bought a replacement ARGB cooler.
The cooler I bought was a Aerocool Duo 12 ARGB. It came with a lot of adapters, figured it would fit in some way.
The problem I have come across that there seems no obvious way to connect the cooler wires to the controller. The adapters and the connector don't fit. Aerocool has 6 pins, controller has 5 pins.

The case controller:

The connector and adapters on the Aerocool:

Since I can do some soldering and have some connectors laying around, I thought I could make the adapter myself.
But yet, I have come across another problem: The case controller has no pinout information available online.

Does anyone have the information and could please provide the layout for the 5pin on the controller?

I have only found the pinout information for the argb 6pin:

Everything seems logical in this layout, but I haven't made myself a logical explanation on which pin would FSP drop for the 5pin connection.
There is text written on the controller "12V 5V Dat". That would mean either both grounds go to the same pin or the "Data Out" pin has been dropped. Although haven't seen a "Data out" pin ever before.

I tried looking for a replacement CMT340 cooler, but I only found 1 possible fit on Amazon:
Sadly, Amazon is not a possible option, since the shipping costs more than the product itself here.
I counted the visible wires coming out of the fan, came to a total of 5, but no visible connector in the picture.
Would there be any other possible alternatives that I could buy, or what should have been done instead?

Thank you for reading and would be thankful for any information:)