Mar 7, 2009
Yeah so anyways iv got a gateway excuse for using it atm is that it was free...and free feels soooo good...

Iv looked all over the motherboard and i am new to building pcs etc but i see two different fans connected one at the rear of the case and one on the cpu and there connected to the mobo...yet i don't see any more of these connecting add extra fans

do you always connect fans to the mobo?

can someone link me to some decent fans on newegg and a way to power them?

i could care less if i have fans running at 100% i just want a healthy pc and safe play area for my 260 gtx for the next 2 months while i wait for my intel godsend...

I can take some pictures and have them up later...would anyone be willing to suggest ideas and ways to best place the fans etc for max airflow and what fans would work best in each area? probably need a new hs+f for the cpu(recommendations?) the cpu is an amd 6000+ and id prefer not to go overboard on a cooler...

Also atm i believe i will need to remove my hdd cage to fit my 260 im thinking of just sitting the cage outside of the will help abit with heat and il have some free space for fans etc...
I wouldn't worry too much about adding more fans.

The advantages to connecting fans to the motherboard are that the computer BIOS can control the speed and that the BIOS can warn of a fan failure.

They are a little pricy, but I like the Scythe S-Flex fans. I bought several SFF21-F's. The F model is a good compromise between airflow and noise. Some people like the Yate Loon (??) fans.

CPU cooler: probably the best deal out there right now is the Xigmatek HDT S-1283V - about $40.

With your stock system, I'd reinstall the hard drives after you install the video card. Bad things can happen to loose hardware.


Another thing to help your 260. Grab a pci slot cooling fan. You can get one that will run at 100% and connect it straight to a 4 pin molex pin connector. I'd grab one of those and put it 1 or 2 slots below the video card to help pull some of the heat off the card and out the back of your pc. Or even take the other pci slot covers out below the card and grab an 80 mm fan, and rig it to blow out the back of the case.