Question Adding HDD has slowed down SSD/System Performance

Feb 21, 2019
Hi Everyone,

I built a System a couple of weeks ago for light gaming and daily office use, all new except the Graphics Card.

Ryzen 3 2200G, XFX RX480GTR 8GB GDDR5 (Used, Off a friend, never overclocked or mined), 8GB DDR4 2993mhz (2 x 4GB Dual-Channel), MSI Pro-VDH B450M Mobo, Coolermaster 600w PSU.

I built it with a WD Green 240GB SSD. It's amazing! My daily work is just so much nicer with everything working so fast.

However, I added a 1TB Blue WD HDD for storage of all our photos and installing some larger games.

I have noticed that this seems to have affected the system, I notice when I open up folders on the SSD, I hear the HDD working and some Icons take a second(or less probably) to display (in the windows ribbon). Just as I was typing this, I deleted a few words by highlighting them and pressing delete, when I pressed delete, there was a delay, I heard the HDD work and then it deleted. We're talking milliseconds but it's enough to notice it etc.

Is windows using the HDD for some reason? It's annoying because before I added it, there was none of this behaviour. I only have a huge folder of family photos and videos and 1 game installed on there. Everything else is on the SSD.

To install the drive, I just plugged it into a SATA port and enabled it via Disk Manager.

Any Ideas? Or is this just a characteristic?

Thank You

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