Dec 19, 2012
I have an Omen laptop with the following relevant specs:

16GB ddr4 SDRAM 2666 1.2v [2 sodimm slots]
i7-8750H @ 220ghz 9mb cache 6 core
Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5

I have done some search via command prompt and looked into the registry and found out that the brand of the RAM stick is SK Hynix.
I want to go ahead and add another 16GB RAM to my laptop.

But I want to know the following please:

  1. Must I purchase exactly the same brand (i.e. SK Hynix)?
  2. Can it be a different brand but with the same specs (i.e. DDR4, 2666, etc.)?
  3. Should I just completely go ahead and buy a pack of two 16GB sticks that come together? I live in the Netherlands and it is not easy to come by the already installed SK Hynix part here.
In that case:
A) which brand is recommended?
B) What other things must I look out for? (for example latency etc).
C) If I buy another brand, must it be precisely 2666 or can it be different?

The manual of the laptop provides the part number and some instructions about how to replace/add extra RAM sticks.

Many thanks in advance.


Apr 5, 2020
220 GHz is a nice CPU speed.
Most likely you will have no problems, but:
They'd better be for Intel. I dunno if in laptop there is the same sh*t, but AMD were 'smart' enough to create ram sticks, compatible only with their systems in the conventional personal computers.
They'd just better be the same brand.
They'd just better have the same timings (latencies - like 12-13-13-28 or whatever you have)
They'd just better be the same 2666 MHz. However, if they differ in this, they would just run with the lower speed (2400, 2133 or whatever goes the lower)

If you have the chance to get a matched pair 2x16 GB, things are more likely to work well, but if u can't, u can go for the same stick from Hynix, or another of your choice. It is good to work with someone, who allows you to experiment, that's why a 2nd-hand ram may be a better idea than a new one in some cases.

Anyway, the chances for things to be fine, whatever u do? Bigger than 91%.