Question Additional Water Damage Prevention Tips?

Aug 11, 2021
With the way that my desktop is positioned on my desk, my hardware is shielded, but it suddenly rained today while my window was open and a few drops appear to have gotten on my two top fans. My computer was off. Those fans in particular seem to have caught the water, and I don't see any inside the case.

I immediately turned off the power strip it was plugged into (which was shielded by my desk, no water there), dried off the surface area, unplugged everything and dried it again, took out the two fans and dried those off, and gave everything a pat-down with a dry cloth. The side panel is off, and I have two fans pointing at it that I plan to leave on overnight, just to be sure.

My point here is, is there anything else I should do to minimize the risk of water damage? From close inspection, there genuinely don't seem to be any water drops anywhere. I think I got very, very lucky overall; I just want to be as safe as possible. Thanks!