Question ADDR_LED2 hub?

May 21, 2023
Hello, I don't know if this is a motherboard or cooling question. Correct me if I'm wrong.

I couldn't find an answer to this elsewhere. Maybe it's out there, idk. I couldn't find it.

I have the B660M Pro RS motherboard.
It has an Addressable LED Header 1 (ADDR_LED1) and Addressable LED Header 2 (ADDR_LED2) and 3... Currently, I have a fan hub connected to ADDR_LED1. This controls 3 front fans. The hub doesn't have any additional slots. My front 3 fans and back 3 fans have different ports.

I was wondering if I can plug a 2nd hub into ADDR_LED2 for my remaining 3 top and rear fans?

Maybe a dumb question but hey, I'm asking it.

Thank you in advance.
you can connect up to 60 leds to each controller (header) (12V/3A/36Watts), doesnt matter how many devices are connected there, you can daisy chain many of them up to 60 leds per header, you can use any free header to add more leds or to avoid daisy chaining

argb fans usualy have around 12 leds, that makes it 5 fans max per header unless that hub uses external power supply
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