Adivce on mobo for i5 2500k


Dec 31, 2011
I am looking to upgrade an older asus board running a core 2 duo. I got the computer off a buddy hard up for some cash for 200 bucks. It has an xfx 6950 video, soundblaster audio card, network card, 23 inch LCD, 650w power, and two 250 gig harddrives.

I really want a nice computer for pretty simple use, although I will be doing some design and photo work. I want a great computer that I can rely on for years to come. So I was looking at the i5 2500k, I do want an hdmi out on the mobo to stream to my tv, ( the hdmi port on the video card will be to my monitor), Also, I was thinking of getting a 64g SSD to run as a boot drive for some programs as well as Windows 7 64-bit.

Anything you can tell me would be fantastic. I have installed memory and harddrives and have a basic understanding of computers but this will be the most I would do as far as upgrading a motherboard,cpu and memory.