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Question Adjust monitor colour settings when it's buttons don't work?


May 16, 2014
Is there a way to adjust the Color settings, Like an auto calibrating software, when the buttons on the monitor cannot be used?

Hi All,

I have a monitor, BENQ RL2455HM (out of warranty).

The buttons are not usable because I believe they were damaged due to Moisture, maybe...I'm saying this because in our Last residence, the moisture was high, which lead to few of our Electronics to stop working properly...like Air Conditioner, Inverter, My PhoneJoy Gamepad, and my Monitor.

The display is completely fine, but I'm now facing challenges because I'm not able to adjust the color settings completely. I could've bought a Remote control but my Monitor doesn't support one.

So, I want to ask, is there any kind of software which will Auto correct the color settings of my monitor? There are many websites where they'll show you images and ask you to adjust Gamma, Sharpness, Brightness, etc. But that would require the use of Monitor buttons, which I can't. So I need a software which would run and check what are my current settings, and will adjust them automatically.

I have an option to take the Monitor to the authorized repair centre, however, due to the ongoing Pandemic, I would like to avoid going there.

Thank you.