Ok let me explain this quick... You can use NVidia cards with Intel or AMD CPUs or an AMD card with both Intel and AMD CPUs, i actually prefer an AMD card with an Intel CPU, but that's just me...

So you can still use that GPU you chose, BUUUT its quite expensive for reference design. Rather get this one at the same price, faster clock and better cooler.

If you rather would like an AMD card :


The AMD card is slightly faster and better at AA than Nvidia one, but in games like Assasins creed 3 its slower.


Oct 7, 2008

Which AA mode? FXAA and TXAA are better on nvidia (TXAA is nvidia exclusive). It's sort of misleading to suggest that AMD cards inherently handle AA better when a big part of that is the AA mode.

If he has the cash, then the AMD is better than an I3. I mean why would you want a duel if you can get a 8(sort of). I would prefer an I5, but whatever, stop being a fanboy... AMD caught up mostly with Piledriver, except it.

You're confusing FXAA with TXAA. TXAA delivers exceptional smoothing (superior even to SSAA since it's additionally targeting temporal aliasing) however there is a performance cost and there's a detrimental effect on texture definition.

* accept it. And you should accept Sunius is no fanboy, any regular on here will vouch for that. Also * dual. You duel with a sword or pistol.

+1 to Onus.

Note that I own an I5 3570K myself, OP has every right to get the 8350, I don't agree that everyone keeps saying that they should definitely rather get an Intel. Yes its better, but the 8350 is really good at threaded aps, so why would you not suggest it? Its not even that far behind in gaming, 3 FPS really is nothing to cry about while the real limiting factor is and always will be the GPU. I am sure(can't seem to verify this) that the I3 can not performs as well in BF3 MP as the 8350.

Ah yes I see I have confused the 2. But the fact still remains the AMD 7950 has a bigger memory bus and will perform better in any AA that its capable of...

Threaded apps are irrelevant.

More like 20 fps on some games.



Sunius refuted this gibberish nicely, but you actually did yourself, in the part I bolded. And, no one is advocating an i3 here; we're comparing the FX to an i5.


Sep 7, 2012
if you are not using any heavily multi-threaded programs that take advantage of the 8350 then get the 3570k instead. personally i would get a 3570k with a cheaper motherboard.

also here it is from amazon for $190.