Admin rights "cracked" down to user


Feb 29, 2012
I am seriously concerned as my admin rights have been reduced to read & write only although on Gateway GM5662 w/2.33GHx AMD Quad core 9600 Phenom processor that came with Vista Home Premium which is SP2, I fear the worst,i.e. can't remove what I believe is a Trojan while trying to download Linux "Dynebolic" and this program showed up after that as "InstallIQ Updater" by "W3i, LLC" which I cant remove (it wants me to "allow" it to be updated & so I close out).
Ran a speedtest two weeks ago by my cable co. using a an ARRIS VoIP was running @ 400Mbps when is should be 25Mbps(BIG HINT!!) so I informed my ISP Knology about it and the single node line that I am on had the brakes applied down to ~30Mbps, the meaning of which dawned upon my cranium. So here this program that is like 1.20 Mb in size (small) is Stuck on me and someone calling themselves "TrustedInstaller" has all permissions as does my "System". Deceiving as it lists, and allows me as ADmin BUT also as user w/ only R&W privileges for both.
Searched for steps to remove but my ex comp tech must've installed either, a) small piece of hardware and/or b) modified my registry or ???? I don't but have "felt botted" for some time. Logged into "Safe w/Networking" & tried to remove w/"Programs and Features" and rebooted but is still here.
I have found this to be a great source of useful info so here I am this time with a much mmore complicated scenario, as I won't do a backup because of obvious reasons.
Suggestion/ ideas/ thoughts = solution????
Thanks for any help. Oh, and know this "crack" is both internal,i.e. a download I probably did but also I now know I have an "Intrder coming into my residence and my computer, though possessing what I consider decent pswds 16-20 chars with #'s, lettters and sp. chars. Still when you see DHS and SWAT on either side, it's the "thought police using NDAA which goes into affect at midnight 01March2012. Whew, sure feels like a "FARN" scent to me.


Jan 21, 2011
Honestly the best bet in situations like this is get a linux installation and backup all of your files to a removable drive or DVD whatever works best for you. Then reformat the whole machine.

It sounds like your computer has been through quite a bit, and even if you did fix the multitude of viruses the performance would suck, and some problems might remain.