Adminstrator (only) cannot print!!


Mar 20, 2012
Hi guys

This is weird.
The administrator account cannot print to the (networked) printer (including test print)
The public user account can print without a problem. (including test print)
Same computer, same driver and setup. (Vista)
I've run Malwarebytes - no bugs - and I will check for viruses as soon as I can.

I've tried temporarily turning off the UAC on Administrator account but it still won't print

Any ideas appreciated especially if you've resolved this!
Thanks in advance


Give this a try.
* Find the SPOOL directory, typically within your %SYSTEM32% folder.
* Find the TEMP directory, typically within your %SYSTEM% folder.
* Right-click on each and select Properties, then the Security tab.
* Assign Full Control to "Everybody".