Question Advanced Topic: RTX 2080ti and Linux (anytype)

Dec 1, 2019
Hello there,

quick advanced question. Hope you know more about software (in this case OS - Linux), not only hardware. After upgrading my CPU (i7-9700K) and GPU(RTX 2080ti), it seems I cant run Linux live versions from USB. All I get is purple/white lines...Ok, I have used in GRUB load manager command line "nomodeset" to disable video drivers and yes, now it loads to a point where is detecting network and freezes. If I disable detection of network it kicks me out to command lines. When I "startx" again, it cant load of course because I have disabled the video drivers...It does to all type of Linux distributions I have tried so far.

So the Question: Is this all connected to the RTX Video Card (Old Video was GTX 1080ti) or due to "Virtualization" of my old CPU (i7-6700K), new CPU uses 8 cores as the old one was using 4 Real / 4 Virtual so to say...?