Question Advantech Panel PC doesn't boot ?

Sep 15, 2021
Let me tell the complete story:

I have an old Advantech PPC-174T Panel PC. One day I went to install Ubuntu on it, after that the display was totally wrong. I googled and found out that turning off the internal graphics would solve it but I didn't know it hasn't any graphics other than the internal one. So it's wrecked.

After that I bought it to some PC fix servicers to fix it but none of them could fix it.
Now I understood the problem I have is No POST.

I found this "How To" to follow but at the step 2 whenever I connect the 4 pin connector that's next to CPU, then the system doesn't come up (I mean without connecting that Fans work, but with having it connected none of fans start)

What to do?

Vic 40

Can try a clear cmos, make sure you take this pc of the power before doing this

got this from the Manual,

Might just be good to read that manual and look at every setting of jumpers etc, if all is right, might in th end also be the cpu that is gone or maybe the psu etc, see if you can test with old prts if it's worth it to you, shouldn't even be that expensive.
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