Advice about choosing gpu and monitor.


May 6, 2010
Hello :)
Thank you for taking interest.
The thing is... i wanted to upgrade my gpu and buy a new monitor and i have chosen couple but i want to get some conformation from you guys-girls.

My current hardware is:
Asus P5K iP35 Socket 775
Pentium E8400 3,0 ghz
Nvidia 8800 GTS 320MB
Integrated soundcard
2 Harddrives:
Samsung HDJ502IJ 500GB
550W PSU
Using 20'' crt :lol:

I have chosen ATI HD5850 since its the best power for buck right now. Thats the top price i am able to pay right now for gpu.
The link where i will buy it is this:

The monitor i chose is this:
It was supposed to be good for gaming.

Thats all i can afford to replace now :)

Okay, here comes the questions:
1. What do you think about my hardware and 5850?
2. The monitors resolution is 1920x1080. Can this 5850 and my hardware handle current and new games on max on this resolution? Or maybe i should buy monitor with smaller resolution so my games would run smooth.
A note: i would rather play on smaller monitor than feel bad about the stutter with my NEW gpu :)
3. Will my asus motherboard handle new gpu?

If all is good then i will make the deal!

Thank you for reading and i hope you find a bit of time to replay too.


Apr 9, 2010

1. Yeah sure but you should upgrade your cpu, your cpu are a bottleneck
2. You cant play crysis and such games @highest with 1920x1080. sure a smaller monitor would work or just decrease the res.
3 Yeah (why not?), but the cpu is a bottleneck when you can afford it upgrade cpu - and motherboard if necessary.

I have a 5870 and a dual core processor like yours. I can play crysis at 1920x1080 with minor lagg, but the cpu are at 100% everytime I destroying buildings, terrible lagg when Im doing that.
So upgrade cpu when you can afford it, im going for a 920 in the future. And you cannot play the games with nice graphics @1920x1080, with that setup, no.

Or, it should be possible to play games at highest with that setup (@1920x1080), as long as the game hasnt really nice graphics like (or require more cpu than) crysis or such...
No No NO a 5850 will no be bottlenecked ( The more correct term is restricted ) by an E8400.
If you get the better monitor then 90% of the time it will be fine and the odd game will need res or settings turned down.
If you go with a lower res monitor you cant turn it up but the 1920x1080 set can be lowered to 1650X1080 if needed.
Also you will be wondering what if should you not get the better monitor.
Running a suposedly better CPU, even something like an i7 wont gain you near as much as people seem to think.,review-31852.html

The 5850 and nVidia 470 are very well matched. The price / performance ratio works out to $9.04 per frame (fps) for the 5850 and $9.08 for the 470 under Dx11. The 5850 seems to have an edge in the older DX10 games .... 470 in the newer DX11 games.
480 provides 13% increase in average fps and 19% increase in min fps with 19% increase in price over 5870
470 provides 10% increase in average fps and 15% increase in min fps with 15% increase in price over 5850

With an SRP of $349 backed up by some great performance increases over the HD 5850, we believe the GTX 470 has set itself up to be the new price / performance leader in the current market.

Good reading be hard for me to say that either choice is a bad one.

I'd opt for a 1920 x 1200 monitor....I love the extra 120 extra pixels at the screen bottom while playing a game or watching a movie at 1920 x 1080.

As for the payability at max settings question, keep in mind that some features you will not be able to access. For example:

Things are a bit different when you’re looking at the Just Cause 2 Benchmark. At least on lower resolutions you can use the additional power that the GeForce GTX 480 and GTX 470 have, in order to activate the CUDA-specific settings. With these settings activated, the performance of the cards will be in the vicinity of what the HD 5870 and HD 5850 are getting, but the game will look considerably better. So, there you have it, a DirectX 10 game for which the test results are actually translating into a better game experience, visually speaking.

If you’re going to want to experience Metro 2033 like the developers intended you to then, clearly, you only have one choice: get a GeForce GTX 480 or a GTX 470. This game really shines when played on a Fermi based GPU.

With Dirt 2 (DX11) it’s another story. The Radeon HD 5870 and HD 5850 are helped by the fact that the game was developed in collaboration with ATI. Not to mention that the newly released Catalyst 10.3 also brought a 20% boost in performance. Again, no matter on which card you play it (HD 58xx or GTX 4xx), Dirt 2 feels and looks relatively the same.

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