Advice and help on a case


Sep 25, 2011
Im looking for something that has either a very large window/front vent or even and acrylic case. I cant seem to find anything that catches my eyes. I guess the problem is my build is going to be green dominant and i just can find any cases that carry that theme other than the $200 USD Nvidia themed cases. Anyone have any suggestions? Im willing to swap out fans (i.e. if stock are blue or red). Also, has anyone had any success in acrylic cases? recommendations?

Im building my rig around the P67 sabertooth (reccommendations against it?? alternatives?) i7 2600k, gtx 560 ti and 16 Gb of patriot viper xtream 1866, going to be having a 40 gb intel 320 series ssd for windows 7 ultimate and a 120 gb intel 320 series for serious applications, then a standard 3 TB HDD.

This is my first build but I am pretty handy and tech savy I just get ahead of myself so my only requirements on a case would be cool (looking and temp) with a window. m open to anything. Im just on a slight budget so if it can be kept under 100 id be grateful but if it catches my eye I may go higher. Thanks


You can generally find cases with windows on them, so I doubt that is as much of an issue.
I would try finding one which is pretty much black inside with a sidepanel window.

The coloring is obviously an issue, but it's nothing that a little bit of painters tape and a spraycan or two won't fix.

So I guess in the end it comes to, find one that you like and mod and paint it to your liking :)