Advice building/buying powerful machine for software developer


Aug 4, 2011

I currently use a late 2010 MacBook Pro with Core i7, 8G RAM and 7200 HD and I am a software engineer. I spend 9-11 hours a day on the computer coding, compiling, deploying a large enterprise software application. The MacBook Pro is not cutting it. I really want to get the whole change code - compile - redeploy time down as it is repeated all day long.

So I have started considering getting a gaming machine or laptop. I found this Digital Storm ODE which has 4 levels from 1500 - 2500 and that seemed like a good option. Then again I have no idea what I am doing because I have been using various Mac Laptops for the last 5 years.

Link to the ODE feature chart for level 1 - 4:

Questions are:
- Since I am no gamer (other than Xbox), does the graphics card matter for me whatsoever? I would want to power a 27" dell monitor.
- Should I consider a gaming laptop? The main criteria would be a machine much much more powerful than my MBP.
- Are there other places I should look for something like this other than DS?
- If I were to go with the Digital Storm ODE, I am not sure if there is any benifit to getting more than the cheapest option for my use case. The only thing I don't like about that option is no SSD. But I could always add it later. Then again I don't know if the MOBO is somehow limiting my upgrade options down the road or anything.



-The graphics card does matter. You cannot use a workstation card for gaming; and you cannot use a mainstream video card for professional work (or at least not as effective as a workstation card). It is best to get a workstation card. They are powerful enough to power your monitor.

-Don't buy a gaming laptop.

-Look online. One website I found was:

-Just don't buy a gaming PC for software designing. It isn't like they are bad, but a workstation PC is best.



Jun 29, 2011
Well I am not sure if the 990X is a better processor for what you want or what about the amd 6 core cpus?(they are not for gaming). I might stay away from the ODE because you don't need the GPU. But I would configure your own on the website. I will say this You will get alot less out of the laptops processor. You don't need much of a gpu so get the cheapest and add a solid state drive and a hard drive.

Edit a workstation pc with a xenon processor would be the best for you.