Advice Choosing new GPU for new computer


Jan 5, 2010
Anticipated purchase date: Next week, pending your advice

Usage: Linux Ubuntu: Webpages, some video playing. No
games. Just want a card to run display content fast at those base res..

Current GPU and Power: Onboard Matrox G200eW w/ 8MB memory.. Single cabled power supply (305W)

Relevant Computer Information: I bought a new T110 at Dell, trying to get
two head display on it.

If I read the specs right, it has two x8 slots, but one has a x16 slot.
I presume this means it runs at x8 speed. Don't know how a video card would
handle that?

4 PCIe G2 slots:
Two x8 slot, (one with x16 connector)
One x4 slot (with x8 connector)
One x1 slot

( )

Parts sourcing: Prefer things I can find on pricewatch, like to buy on internet.
Prefer 50-90$ price range.

Parts Preference: Prefer name brand (Nvidia, ATI) with Linux support. Was considering geforce 9600 gt, geforce 9600 gso, geforce 9600 1gb, pending
your advice.

Overclocking: Possible, if card underperforms.

Resolution: Running two heads 1280x1024 and 1440x900

Comments: Thank you very much!


As long as you have a x16 physical slot (which the server claims it has) then you are fine. If it only runs at 8x, 4x whatever it is ok (the card will run). Only top end cards would be hurt by the bandwidth reduction.

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