Advice, first time desktop PC build


May 25, 2012
I'm trying to do research to build my first desktop PC.

I have seen many sujested builds involving a SSD for operating system / games and and secondary hard drive for files/ movies.

I'm wondering how difficult/possible would it be to have a SSD specifically for Operating System (Crucial M4 128GB in mind), a 2nd hard drive specifically for games/other programs (Western Digital 10000rpm VelociRaptor 250GB) and then a 3rd hard drive specifially for movies/pictures (Western Digital 7200rpm Caviar Black 1TB.

Is this feasible? Good idea? Dumb Idea? What other factors will I need to consider to make this feasible?
Keep in mind i'm trying to become more computer savy, but i'm still rather novice so if responses are highly technically worded they will probably go over my head.