Advice for a graphics card upgrade.


Sep 6, 2011
Hi All,

I have a Sapphire 5750 Vapor and run dual monitor, 1920x1080 for gaming and a 1600x1200 set to the side that my wife watches videos on at the same time, and think it's worth upgrading my graphics card. I'm a big fan of ATI but am willing to go to nVidia if the price to performance is worth it. The other specs are Phenom X2 955 and 8 GB of memory.
My budget is around £200 and I'm very tempted by the Sapphire 6950 Toxic, as it seems to come pre upgraded to 6970 bios and shaders on the 2nd bios, and gives really good performance for it's cost of around £220(gutted i missed its amazon offer at £147, did anyone manage to actually get one at that price?)
Does anyone have experience of this card or advice about something else, or even waiting for something new coming out, as it's something that I'd like soon, rather than have to buy right now.

Thanks for your advice,