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Aug 4, 2020
Hi, I have a MS-7971 motherboard, currently with 120gig SSD and 2tb hard drive

I wish to install a bigger SSD and as it's been YEARS since I have done any fiddling around inside a PC I'd appreciate some help and advice

Am I better off replacing the existing SSD completely with a new SSD and putting windows etc on this or putting a new SSD in separately to co-exist, ie keeping the 120 SSD purely for windows, and installing all other software on SSD

I have seen some SSD's that look basically like a large memory stick, and some that are in a casing, will my MB support both, if so, are there clear advantages to one over the other?

If I need one in casing, I am assuming I need a fitting kit and it will go into one of the drive bays, is this correct?

Not sure what information will help someone give best advice, so the following may or may not be useful:

I will be storing games on new SSD, including occulus rift games, and also music DAW/s

PC has gtx 1080, 16gig DDR4 mem, i7-6700 CPU

Thanks in advance for any help :)
Yes your motherboard can support up to six Sata SSD's. Personally, I would install a fresh copy of Windows on the new SSD and utilise it for your main games/music and use the old SSD for all your other stuff like pictures, videos and games etc...

As to the SSD's that look like large memory sticks, they are M.2 SSD;s and your motherboard can support one of these and they are really good and much, much faster than standard SATA SSD's...If you can get one that would be best and make it your main Windows drive....

Something like this at 500GB:

And this at 1TB:
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Aug 4, 2020
Hi, first, thanks very much for speedy reply, very much appreciated!

I'm a bit confused tho, that motherboard you linked has different numbers, I got the numbers I showed from msinfo, to reiterate, manufacturer MSI, model MS-7971

The card I'm now looking at is

This may be a dumb question, but do these also just slot in pretty much like a memory card? ie no connections/wiring needed, just pop it in and good to go?

Further, how do I actually go about installing windows 10 on it, (the PC has no optical drive) do i need to make a boot USB or something?

Once again, greatly appreciate the help!


Mar 16, 2013
For the Win 10 install on the new drive, this:

Read through that a couple of times to get familiar with the process.
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Hi no problems at all. Yes the Sabrent PCIe NVme SSD is perfect and will do a great job.

As to the motherboard and installation. If your motherboard has an M.2 Slot like in the video below, installation is very easy as it just slots into the port and you use one small screw to hold it in place.

As to installing Windows, you can download Windows onto a USB stick and then install it that way... Again I have provided some links to how to do that.

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The m.2 pcie ssd goes into the m.2 slot on the motherboard.
No sata or power required.
For simplicity, I suggest you pay a bit more for a samsung 1tb 970 evo ssd:
They are among the best performing and most reliable ssd devices.
More importantly, your conversion becomes very simple.
Just install the ssd.
Also install the samsung pcie driver which you can download from here:
Also download the ssd migration app and user manual.
You run the ssd migration app and it will move everything you need to the new ssd.
When done, change your bios boot order to the new ssd.

Later, you can do what you wish with the old ssd.
I might do nothing but keep it aside.