Advice for Mechanical Keyboards.

Jul 27, 2018
Hello everyone,

As Black Friday approaches us, I have decided to complement my setup with a new mechanical keyboard. I have never owned one previously which is why I'm creating this thread.

Currently Considering:
Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 is on a 41% Sale from a Nerdy Site I love to buy from, and I would like to inquire about the switches and the keyboard itself. ( It is down from 185 Euro(369BGN) to 110 Euro (220BGN)

Razer switches vs Cherry MX switches?
Are the Razer Green,Orange & Yellow Switches of the same quality as Cherry MX?

Other Options?
Any other keyboards in the 110 Euro price range I should consider?

While I have not used a Mechanical Keyboard yet, by reading at the types I feel I would like to have Cherry MX Brown or Razer Green/Orange due to the Tactile Feel.

Please bear in mind that I am from Bulgaria, which means that my choice of brand is severely limited, while I've been hearing great feedback regarding Corsair K series, know that I would be able to buy them, but most likely with the full price, meaning K95 Platinum would be 220 Euro, which admittedly may be better than BlackWidow Chroma V2 but we are talking about twice the money, is it that much better?

Just to provide context, I will be using the keyboard for my gaming hobby, also amateur writing and finally coding, since I am currently a student in the Computer Sciences field.

I have watched some reviews of the Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 and I am in love with the RBG!