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Oct 2, 2012
Advice for new pc

Hi all,

I’m going through a tough time in life and have decided to treat myself and get a new pc to play with some friends who recently did the same. I’m looking to play all the top tier games on the best graphics; money isn’t really an issue, but also I don’t want to be wasteful (eg spending another $400 for some ever so slightly better specs; as I recall, there can be a steep price curve at a certain point where it just doesn’t become worth the price).

I’m literate in pc talk, I built my own rig like 12 years ago but I’ve been a console peasant since ps4 came out so I’m out of the loop and hoping the fine people here can help fill me in on a few questions.

1) should I buy a prebuilt pc? I’m willing to pay a little extra for the ease and customer support. Really hoping for something easy to just buy, plug, and play.

2) any idea where I could do so? I have a micro center near me but I’m not sure if I’ll find the best deals there or online somewhere

3) what components / specs should I be looking for in terms of GPU, cpu, ram, etc?

4) I have a brand new, really awesome gaming 4K tv. Can I use that as my monitor, or is it really complicated / prohibitive in some way?

Thanks so much in advance for any help!


Micro Center is a good start. They offer great prices on motherboards and CPU along with a further discount when you buy them together on certain parts. Their RAM prices are meh, ok, along with PSU prices. Storage and case prices are run of the mill.

As you are aware, GPU pricing is out of this world. Budget $1K plus for anything decent or possibly schedule waiting in line at Best Buy for a day. Those "top tier games at top settings" is for sure going to cost you.

I would still rather build than buy prebuild as I enjoy the experience. My suggestion would be to get together about three grand, head to Micro Center and tell them what you just told us. You should leave with something totally worthwhile.
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Microcenter has good prices if one is near to you.
For a small fee, they will assemble parts you bought from them.

What is the make/model of the tv?
The LG OLED units are exceptional and will refresh at 120hz
You would need a 3000 series graphics card with hdmI 2.1 a 3000 series graphics card.

At one time there was a rule of thumb to budget 2x the cost of the processor for the graphics card.
Considering today's gpu prices, that is out the window.
Still, your limiter for fast action gaming will be the GPU.

Today, state of the art would be a ryzen 5000 series cpu or an 11th gen intel processor.
If you can wait a bit and follow the news, Intel will soon launch alder lake with even better ips which you want for gaming.