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Question Advice Needed ASAP: Best 144hz Budget Monitor?


Jul 7, 2016
Hey, I'm currently looking for a 144hz monitor (with freesync as well) for the best price (in CAD) I can get it at. I don't mind the response time as long as its under 5ms.
So far I've looked through lots of monitors and found some decent ones, but some of them have reviews saying that there are problems with it.

There's this Samsung C24RG50 on sale for $250 CAD, which seems pretty good but some reviews complain about ghosting.

This ASUS TUF VG24VQ for $260 looks good, I watched a review and they suggested that other options could be better.

There was also this MSI Optix MAG240CR for $250, this caught my eye at first and seems really nice but there aren't any reviews on best buy however some reviews on new egg and reddit say that there are problems of blurry text or dark smearing.

Finally there was this 27' Acer ED273 on sale for $280, and this one seems the best out of all the ones I've searched for since its everything I want plus its 27', however a lot of reviews complain about the same issue which is apparent flickering or dead pixels on the screen when freesync is turned on/set to 144hz. Or even complaints about the DP cable limiting the refresh rate to 120hz. At the same time other reviews say that it's perfectly fine and youtube reviews also say no problems. Seems like its a 50/50 chance

I need advice on which one I should get, or if there are any other options for better monitors. These are the ones I at least think that seem the best but do have drawbacks to it.
The ones on sale go off sale tomorrow, so hopefully I can get an answer tonight on which one of these is the best for its price.
Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


Nov 16, 2014
If you're looking for the best price/performance ratio, don't look on bestbuy or any of those sites, look at second hand websites, there's a 144hz monitor near me for 50 GBP. You'll find monitors of similar quality for a fraction of the price. It's also better knowing that you won't have to worry about deadpixels that manufacturers won't fix. Don't worry too much about g2g, since it's just a marketing term for the most part and doesn't represent what the monitor is actually like when it comes to motion blur (Look up MPRT for a better figure.). Here's a great image comparison of g2g and how useless it is.
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