Question Advice needed for choosing a editing Laptop.

Aug 26, 2019
So I’m starting a 2 year degree in editing/director on October, and haven’t had the time yet to sit down and buy myself a good laptop/computer.
I have done a fair bit of research but just can’t get decided on either the pc or Mac. I will put out there that I do manage much better on the Mac system, it has always caused me less trouble than windows. The idea of a windows system just puts me off instantly tbh, i love their capacities but man are they annoying machines haha. But that’s just me being childish I guess.
So one of my first choices is a mid 2012 Apple Mac Pro, that have a good i7 quad core système and changeable RAM with SDD system unlike other macintoshes, it just seems like a great laptop for working. But I am no expert like some of you guys, and would love some feedback about your experience with that computer or other PC’s that you could recommend.
I also don’t have a lot of money so 300-600 is my price range.
Open to all views and recommendations please feel free to provide any tip or info as I will be listening to everything.

Thanks a lot.

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A soon to be editor.


Jun 29, 2016
Get a used/refurbished macbook pro 2017.

It should be fine for you.

The older models might not be good for the long run.

They might be upgradable but they'd likely have outdated power hungry hardware.

i7-3720QM = 35 W
i5-7360U = 9.5W

With the newer macbook pro, you'll get better single core performance as well as better integrated graphics.

Iris Plus 640 vs HD 4000
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